Judith Kamps

Dear Sir or Madam,
Bread and work are two fundamental elements Man needs in life. Unfortunately, there are many regions of the world where young people in particular, have little chance to find sufficient food and a meaningful occupation.
When we first set up the charitable foundation “Bread Against Misery” in the year of 2000, I felt from the outset that we could achieve more in the way of foreign aid by addressing two issues, namely nutrition and work.
We wanted to go a step further and I believe that we are heading in the right direction. This is also demonstrated in the success of our projects which come into being in the short time since our foundation. Bread Against Misery offers help for self-help. Instead of distributing bread, we set up bakeries where young people in need are trained in the bakery trade by master bakers, who work in an honorary capacity.
Bread Against Misery has a simple recipe which is easy to understand and to use. We have dedicated honorary helpers and supporters. In few words, Bread Against Misery offers intelligent foreign aid. We would be pleased if we could awaken your enthusiasm for our work and would welcome you or your business as a partner or sponsor.