Gambia – Tanji

May 2016 – September 2017. Educational bakery “House of Skills”.

The vocational training project of “House of Skills” is jointly operated by MM Empowerment and “Bread Against Misery”.

The vocational training center is located in a suburb of the capital, Banjul, in Tanji. Young Gambians are being trained in various trades (masons, car mechanics, carpenters, metalworkers). All training courses are very practical oriented, theory is taught supportive.

5 young gambians have been trained in the bakery trade, 3 young women and two young men.

The bakery team learns with the help of Bread Against Misery experts, mostly German bakers and confectioners. All knowledge and skills are imparted to master the bakery craft for their future.
Baking in practice and theory, calculation, recipe creation are just as much part of it as dealing with customers and the assumption of responsibility within the shift or the punctual delivery of orders.

The main goals of the project are:
1. Training the trainees in “House of Skills” to become bakers according to the international UIB standard to secure their future standard of living.
There is also a collaboration between Bread Against Misery and the NAAQA Competent Authority to work together to create a common training standard for the bakers in Gambia.
2. Providing the local population with quality bread at affordable prices and selling European bakery specialties to restaurants and hotels with the aim of promoting the bakery culture in Gambia.
3. The independent profitable operation of the training bakery through the production of profits, which serve as financial support of the“House of Skills” and its projects.